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Rookie help connecting OPC-server
« am: November 19, 2009, 15:00:28 Nachmittag »
Hello guys,

I'm a 21year computer scientist working on a PLC project. My local ice rink decided they would try to implement a PLC system to meassure several split times. Unaware of the complications regarding PLC and OPC i said yes to help out with this project.

Our system exist of following:

6 light way censors connected to a EASY512 PLC

I've got easy-soft 6.1 pro and a  EASY-PC-CAB cabel.

So far what I've learned after gazillions of googles and who know what i have come  to the conclussion.

1. I need to setup up a working OPC-server
2. Connect the OPC-server with a 3rd party OPC-client program
3. Extra the data from the 3rd party client program to excel

Is that entirely wrong??

But none the less everytime i google "how to connect a OPC-server" i get several of solutions but everyone involes massiv reading of information i have no idea to dechiper.

Yesterday i think i did manage to install the moeller OPC-server software correct. And i tried to follow the step by step guide supplied in the "Help". But once again i belive i came up short.

So is there any guide out there which basicly breaks down how to connect this god damn  EASY-512 plc to a OPC-server and how to extract the data..

Kind Regards,

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Re: Rookie help connecting OPC-server
« Antwort #1 am: November 25, 2009, 13:39:54 Nachmittag »
Hello Desmond,

You should write your PLC program for the easy512 as needed for your project. The point is: You have to activate the generation of an OPC symbol data file. This is done under the menu "options" by activating "create OPC symbol data file" (the names may differ a little bit, I have a german version of easySoft V6.40 Pro). At least after saving your project you should find a file with the name of your project and the file extension ".esd".

After installing the easy OPC server you should find a program called "easy OPC configurator" under program files\moeller software\Easy-OPC-Server\Easy-OPC-Configurator" (again the names may be different in the English version of easySoft).

With this program you are able to configure the easy OPC server: Right click on "Unnamed", choose "new device", set the parameters for the communication interface (normally RS232 and for an easy512 4800 baud) and browse for the symbol data file (*.esd) you created with your project. Last step: Save the configuration and activate the project under the file sub menu.

Further steps depending on which OPC client you want to use. Follow the documentation coming with this client software. It should be able to locate the easy OPC server on your computer via its registration in the windows registry and browse the wanted items from the symbol data file you provided.

The easy OPC-server was tested amongst others against the demo client by a company called "Softing" (

Hope this helpes a little further the line

Best regards