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problem MFD-CP4


 HI ,

I am using the MFD-CP4 to set the  M220-ESA (finger print) but when connecting the devices i noticed the writing at the MFD is revered (exactly mirror) ( right to left )  , how can i reverse the text.

Mr. Roboto:
Concerning your request to the mirrored visualization of display-content of MFD the reason is the ignored hardware version-compatibility between the communication modul MFD-CP4 and the display MFD-80 .

 MFD-CP4    MFD-80   Compatible
 V 01- ...    V 01- ...    OK
 V 02- ...    V 02- ...    OK
 V 02- ...    V 01- ...    OK
 V 01- ...    V 02- ...    Error

Please consider above chart for valid combinations.


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