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i am trying to update the firmware, i have a class 4 micro sd but when i try it just lets me know no sd card is available although there is one in. Any ideas

Black Scorpion:
how many GB does the microSD card have?

According to the manual, a card with max 32GB is specified, but a 4GB card is currently being sent.

Insert the card once, go to EASYSOFT
==> Program/Configuration ==> Button "Card....."

There is a Button "Formatting".

You can then copy the firmware to the card as normal, of course only the contents of the *.zip-file.
Copy it to the root directory of the card.

Switch off the EASY, insert the card, switch on and the display will show "BUSY".

This is the actual card from eaton:

The manual says:

The easyE4 basic devices can be equipped with a microSD memory card.
The easyE4 device supports microSD memory cards with 128 MB to 32 GB (SD and SDHC, FAT12/16/32, Class 2 or 4).


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