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Titel: Analog inputs
Beitrag von: sollers am August 12, 2008, 11:54:30 Vormittag

The program help wasn't lot of help, or maybe I wasn't looking for the right functions.

I have a humidity sensor, with voltage output range 0-10V.

I'd like to get that input into 819-DC-RC and change them to corresponding values, 0-100.

Which function should I use in the easy soft pro?

Analog comparator/threshold value switch.

I'd need simple explanation or a simple easy file, so I can look how it's made for real.

Titel: Re: Analog inputs
Beitrag von: KressSwiss am August 12, 2008, 13:27:31 Nachmittag
Use a LS-Functionsblock
Change IA0 (Binary 0-1023) to Dezimal 0-100
Save the value in a BM (Example MB10)
Show the values (IA 0 and MB 10) in a Display Block

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