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Titel: EC4P with Ethernet and EasyNET
Beitrag von: DimonS am Juli 11, 2012, 17:00:17 Nachmittag
Hello everybody!
We have a task - to transfer the collected signals (36 discrete) from the devices via Ethernet, then converte into an optical signal with the Media Converter, to transmit by fiber and decode at the receiver.
There is equipment:
Going to connect directly EASY821 and EASY618; EASY821 and EC4P by EasyNET.
Next, all 36 signals have to be passed from the PLC EC4P-222-MRXD1 over Ethernet. After the transfer the optical signal will be converted in the reverse order (receive also with EC4P) and visualize by LEDs.
Please help me with communication by EasyNET and especially Ethernet!
May be, there is some special libraries for CoDeSys or special targets for EC4P with Ethernet? If you have any examples of such connections, share, please.
Thanks in advance!