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PC connection to ec4p-2xxx
« am: April 24, 2020, 11:48:38 Vormittag »

I am trying to see a problem with a machine that has one of these easy relays in it, and am hoping to possibly connect over PC. A little background.

The unit was commissioned by a company that is out of business. It connects to two servo motors via canbus, and functions as a part takeout unit.
I cannot see what is happening in the background, which is making it hard to troubleshoot this unit. I do not know if the program can be viewed after connecting to the controller, but that is my hope, as it is impossible to receive support at this time.

So that being said, I plugged my PC into the ethernet port, and it is like the port is disabled, because it does not even show the cable is plugged in. I carefully opened the casing but it looks like physically the board is good. I have hooked to the other units we have and they all exhibit this behavior. Can the Ethernet port be disabled? and if so, can it be re-enabled?

I have tried plugging in via an ether net switch, to make sure it just didnt require a crossover cable (not common) but that got me nowhere.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, we have 3 machines with 6 easy relays total, so upgrading, especially now with the current situation across the world, and being those motors are canbus connected, would be very difficult right now.

Thank you in advance,