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2 motor or compressor working
« am: März 29, 2023, 14:27:21 Nachmittag »
I want to write a code but I couldn't. What I want is as follows: 2 compressors work according to set and hysteresis. So let set: 8 hysteresis: 2 stage: 3. Scenarios where my single compressor should work are 1 until the set + hysteria goes above the set and the degree is equalized. compressor will start. If it goes above set+hysteresis+stage and it will run on 2 compressors until set+stage equalizes. The compressors here will be made in equal aging and accordingly one will always start first. Afterwards if (there are 5 errors for each compressor (digital input)) if one of the compressors fails, one of them will work when 2 should work, if 2 of them fail, it will turn off.

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Antw:2 motor or compressor working
« Antwort #1 am: März 31, 2023, 06:19:50 Vormittag »
Expressed in a simple way:
You have 2 compressors, if only one is needed, e.g. compressor 1, if the demand increases, compressor 2 is switched on. If the demand falls again, one of the two compressors, the one with the longest operating time, is switched off.
The next time the system is switched on, the one with the fewer operating hours is started first. But then, when demand increases, the other compressor is switched on.
Now my questions, if my assumptions are correct:
- You speak of a hysteresis related to what kind of analog signal?
- Each compressor has 5 error messages. Is a distinction made between the 5 error messages? Or would an error message stating that a compressor is not ready to be switched on suffice? Interesting for visualization, but less so for control, right?
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Antw:2 motor or compressor working
« Antwort #2 am: April 03, 2023, 07:47:13 Vormittag »
-I can give hysteresis with an analog value comparator. I am using a temperature sensor.For example, if the set is 10, if the hysteresis is 5, it will open at 15 and close at 10. Then it will not work until it reaches 15.yes at first 1 compressor will enter then the other one. But it will check for errors. Let's have outputs q1 and q2 as an example.

-For example, 5 error messages can be digital inputs. When a signal comes to any of them. The compressor will shut down. If it is in single operation and there is no error in the other, it will switch to it and continue.