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code reuse tool and comments
« am: September 21, 2005, 04:15:49 Vormittag »
Hi all,

First of all I am a happy Easy user and received another shipment today. (they are already up and running)   ;D

I am starting to create programs larger than 60 lines and found it easier to build and test all my routines before assembling one large program. The problem I started to have is when I copy and paste one routine into another and the same operands exist in both programs there is no way to automatically renumber them only replace one with the other. Does anyone know of a tool or workaround for this?

It would also be helpful if:
-the "Circuit Diagram"->"Cross-reference list" were copyable and remained on screen.
-the "Cross-Reference List" (in the print out) was alphabetical and/or changable.
-the "Device Information..."(in the print out) printed the comment.
-when I run in "simulation" and "single cycle" the circuit diagram window does not update causing the scroll to show only empty space.
-and finally, with the pervailing trend to wide screen displays a third colum on the interface would be more useful than splitting the "Circuit Diagram" as the "Project info/Program info" is done now.