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Software visualization features
« am: September 21, 2004, 18:25:05 Nachmittag »
I have recently discovered the Easy Relay/MFD range and the EasySoft package and I am extremely impressed with its range of functionality and its ease of use. I wish general PLC software from other manufacturers would make their software this good  ;D

I have however noticed a few quirks with the display functions:

1) I have created lots of masks, some of which are very similar so to make it easier I have copied and pasted masks by right-clicking on the correct line in the mask list and selecting Copy. Then I would have thought it possible to select where to paste the new mask so naturally I select the last blank line in the list and right-click and select Paste. This ought to paste the copied mask into the correct position but instead it creates a copy one line above the original and not as intended. This is of course only a slight issue but a little annoying nonetheless  ???

2) Also after copying and pasting, the Overview window seems to get confused which mask is active and when double-clicking the mask to go into the editor, often the wrong mask is displayed. Even if the blue dot indicates which mask is active sometimes the wrong mask is edited.

3) I normally insert a description into the Name field in the masks list before editing a mask. Would it be possible to display this Name field somewhere on-screen, perhaps in the title bar so that because of Item 2 above you can be sure which mask you are editing?

4) During editing of the mask it would be handy to have a grid to make it easier to place and align objects. I see there is a Grid menu item but it is always greyed out for me  :( Also the align buttons always remain greyed. These too would be useful. The co-ordinates display in the status bar does however prove useful but it would be nice to allow direct editing of the co-ordinates to precisely align objects.

5) Finally the navigation buttons adjacent to the overview/mask,button editor tabs also do not seem to function. It would be handy to use them to navigate through the pages without having to return to the overview page.

Sorry for ranting on but I hoped you would appreciate the customer feedback?



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Re: Software visualization features
« Antwort #1 am: November 22, 2004, 20:21:44 Nachmittag »
I have two suggestions:

1. ensure you have the latest software update (with version 5.11 a few glitches you refer to were taken care of and new products were added)

2. refer to the updated User Manual  06/04 AWB2528-1480GB

The Manual now includes a whole new chapter on "Visualization with MFD".

The chapter describes (with examples which are supplied with EASY-SOFT-PRO from version 5.11) how to create and interact with the visualization elements in the screens:
- Static text
- Bit display
- Date and time
- Bitmap
- Numerical value
- Value entry
- Message text

Note that the 5.11 update does not get you the 06/04 User Manual, download it:
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