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daily timer with text display box user input values
« am: August 11, 2022, 18:43:58 Nachmittag »
Hello team!

I am trying to create a user adjustable daily timer with on time and off time setting.

I need this to be accessible via a text display box for simple user changes.

I am currently using the RTC and a set of comparator blocks to compare the HOUR and MINUTE outputs of the RTC to a set of text display box byte-marker inputs.

The MB inputs are limited to 0-23 for the hour comparator values, and 0-60 for the minute comparator values.

In the text display box, I created a clock using a set of 2 bit value entry boxes (enough bits for 0-23, and 0-60) and placed the ON TIME hour value entry box in front of a static bit displaying a ":", and then set the ON TIME minute value entry box behind that.

This works effectively, however - as I'm sure many of you are already aware - when I select a value where there is a "0" in the "10"s place, the text display box does not display a "0", it does not display any characters in those bit positions.

Is there a way to display a "0" in those circumstance, or is there another way to get around this obstacle?

Given this information, can someone guide me toward a solution?

Thank you in advance!